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Beloved Met's hard-nosed play has turned into a hard life: from beanings to Parkinson's

New York Post reporter Ken Davidoff writes a feature story on former New York Met, Ron Hunt, covering his career and current battle with Parkinson's.

He reports that Hunt is the modern-day major league leader in getting hit by a pitch with a total of 243 over his 12 season career.

"If we're looking specifically at head injuries in athletes, the data is showing that, per year [of playing], there's a 20 to 30 percent increased risk overall [of getting Parkinson's]," said Alexander Shtilbans MD, PhD, MS, neurologist at HSS.

Dr. Shtilbans explains that the disease progresses to the point where people cannot walk and also impacts their memory and speech.

Read the full article at NYPost.com. This also appeared in the November 16, 2018 print edition.