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ACL tears on the rise across New York

NY1 health reporter Erin Billups reported that there is a rise of ACL injuries in young athletes in the first part of a 2-part segment.

HSS pediatric orthopedic surgeon Daniel W. Green, MD, MS, FAAP, FACS, said "20 years ago, maybe we saw one child a year under 12 years old with an ACL tear. It was really a rare event, an uncommon event."

He added that he currently sees teen and younger patients with ACL tears weekly.

"The younger athletes are getting more opportunities to play sports at a higher level. More opportunities in terms of hours per week, in terms of months per year, in terms of sports specific camps. Their neuromuscular skills are still in development. They cannot run, jump, even squat as effectively and safely as they can when they are 18, 19," Dr. Green explained.

According to Dr. Green's study, published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine, operating on children shortly after injury shows a high rate of success.

The segment reported that Nicole Svantner, patient of Dr. Green and HSS sports medicine surgeon Frank A. Cordasco, MD, MS, injured her leg during a soccer game a year ago and had surgery. Today, she is healed and playing golf.

Nicole's mother, Josephine, said she would like schools to teach sports safety and injury prevention tips for athletes.

Watch the full segment at ny1.com. This segment aired during the June 20, 2018 broadcast.

View the second segment here.