03:28 PM

A Patient’s Guide to Muscle Pain

U.S. News & World Report writer Michael Schroeder creates a patient's guide to muscle pain as there are different types and causes of muscle discomfort that may not even stem from exercise.

A joint problem, such as arthritis, could cause muscle pain elsewhere in the body. 

“Sometimes a pinched nerve in the neck or the back can cause what feels like muscle pain in the calf or the buttocks or the thigh,” as well as the arm or back, said Carlo Milani, MD, MBA, physiatrist at HSS.

If you experience pain, it is best to be evaluated by a physician. 

“What we do in our evaluations is we take a thorough medical history – which includes everything that’s been going on with their pain: when did it start, how did it start, the duration, the intensity, the frequency – all that stuff – and any associated symptoms,” explained Dr. Milani. “We talk about their past medical history, surgeries, we do a full physical exam. We look at any imaging or other tests they’ve had done. But we really start to narrow it down by body part for sure.”

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