15:20 PM

A Knee or Hip ‘Replacement’ Without Surgery? It’s On The Horizon

The Wall Street Journal discusses the future of joint replacement and research evaluating new approaches to protect, repair and regrow articular cartilage, in the journal’s monthly series “The Future of Everything”. Experts including Scott A. Rodeo, MD, sports medicine surgeon, Vice Chair of Orthopaedic Research and Co-director of the Orthopaedic Soft Tissue Research Program at HSS, provided comments on the matter.

Dr. Rodeo explained the exploration to make joint replacements more effective. HSS laboratories are testing whether injecting cells derived from human umbilical veins into the muscle and tendon of an injured rotator cuff will stimulate stem cell activity and promote better repair after surgery. He affirmed the aim is to conduct a similar trial with the stem cells for cartilage repair.

According to Dr. Rodeo, “If we can modulate that basic immune and inflammatory response, it may have a profound effect on tissue repair and tissue healing.”

This article appeared in print on September 10 and online at WSJ.com. A subscription is required to access.