20:54 PM

7 Warning Signs of Osteoarthritis

HealthCentral reports on the symptoms of osteoarthritis (OA) according to experts including HSS rheumatologist Karmela Kim Chan, MD.

The first symptom you’ll likely notice is joint pain, explained Dr. Chan. It’s a dull, achy, or sharp pain that comes and goes at first and gets more constant over time, she continued.

OA pain acts up when you move the affected joint, and it may be triggered by a specific activity—like knee pain when you climb stairs or pain in the base of your thumb when you twist open a jar or turn a doorknob, said Dr. Chan. Extended activity (e.g., long walks or prolonged standing) can also lead to pain. It may get worse as you use the joint throughout the day. Conversely, pain from inflammatory arthritis (like rheumatoid) tends to feel better with movement, not worse, she counseled.

OA patients often report feeling stiff and creaky for five or 10 minutes after they’ve been inactive for a while—like when you wake up in the morning or get up after eating dinner or watching a movie, noted Dr. Chan.

One of a few reasons indicating it might be time to see a doctor is if the individual’s joint pain is interfering with an activity they would otherwise enjoy – which is often a telltale sign of OA, cited Dr. Chan.

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