20:56 PM

3 Ways to Work Around Knee Pain

Experts including HSS sports medicine physician James N. Robinson, MD discuss ways to work around knee pain when recovering from an injury and exercising.

Stretching is an important part of the recovery process and Dr. Robinson explained he looks at the whole body instead of just looking at what’s going on in one part. He assesses other joints like the hip and if your hips are tight, you should focus on stretching your hips as it could be causing your knee pain.

High-impact exercises like running and jumping may exacerbate knee pain. It is suggested to try and eliminate these exercises first and switch to low-impact exercises. Swimming and cycling are two of the best low-impact exercises, said Dr. Robinson. Additionally, if you have pain in the front of the knee, it’s best to avoid squats and lunges, noted Dr. Robinson. You can also cut the movement short – for instance, instead of going all the way down just go half way and see if it still bothers the knee.

Keeping a healthy weight is also crucial for knee recovery. Staying active is an important part of knee rehab because it helps you keep off unnecessary weight. For every pound you weigh, four pounds goes through your knee every time you step, said Dr. Robinson.

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