12:03 PM

3 Stubborn Myths About Ankylosing Spondylitis

HealthiNation features an interview with HSS rheumatologist Nilasha Ghosh, MD, MS, about managing ankylosing spondylitis (AS), an inflammatory arthritis of the spine, and discusses myths about the condition that may delay people from learning their diagnosis or getting treatment.

Dr. Ghosh noted, “Myths about AS are harmful because it prevents patients who may have symptoms of the disease from seeking care because they don't fit the typical mold of what an ‘ankylosing spondylitis patient’ looks like.”

AS can affect people of any gender, race, or ethnicity.

“I would much rather a patient come and see me and be evaluated for AS and for me to tell them that they don't have it, rather than a patient who has it and is silently suffering but doesn't believe that they have it because they don't fit the mold of these myths,” Dr. Ghosh added.

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