10:23 AM

10 surgeons on the most controversial trends in spine

Becker’s Spine Review discusses the most controversial trends in spine today according to experts including Andrew Sama, MD, co-chief of HSS Spine. 

Dr. Sama noted, “One of the more controversial trends in spine surgery today is the current duration of most fellowship training programs in the U.S. For residents who finish either orthopedic surgery (five to six years) or neurosurgery (six to seven years) residency programs, the typical spine surgery fellowship lasts just 12 months. According to the North American Spine Society, the number of spine fellowship spots has grown to over 100 programs in the U.S. We therefore need to consider not only the number of surgeons we are training, but the duration and rigor of how they are trained. Given the increasing scope and breath of the practice of spine surgery, the growth of our aging population, the complex pathologies that these patients seek treatment for, and the evolution of technically demanding surgical procedures with steep learning curves, we may need to consider revamping and lengthening the duration of fellowship programs to allow better mastery.” 

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